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Why Should a Fresher Do an Internship and How to Do It?

By Team Edaiva

Last Updated : May 1, 2023

Why Should a Fresher Do an Internship and How to Do It?

“Success is where preparation and opportunity meet” - Bobby Unser

You must constantly be on the lookout for fresh opportunities as a student. Life doesn't operate that way, therefore you can't just assume that one day you'll have one chance to seize it! Read a lot of articles, blogs, and magazines, speak with professionals, seniors, and mentors, and always be ready to take every opportunity that comes your way to make sure you've considered all of your possibilities. The main dilemma, though, that you might have as a new student is whether or not you should do an internship.

Team Edaiva has put together this blog specifically for you to address all of your questions about how internships operate, whether you should do one, and more. This way, you'll be up to date on all things internship-related. So, pull up a chair because you'll need to take lots of notes on this voyage for your future!

Internships: What Are They?

An internship is a brief period of employment provided by businesses and other organizations to individuals—typically students, but not always—who wish to gain some introductory exposure in a particular area or field. It is both work and a learning experience in equal measure. Interns should ideally spend their time working on pertinent projects, learning about the sector, and developing both hard and soft skills. Sometimes internships even result in full-time employment offers.

Typically, summer internships in India have to be of either 10 weeks 3 months, or can be a month too. Internships in the fall and spring can vary, but they are almost usually part-time. Some receive a stipend/salary. Some are just unpaid. But the most important thing about internships is an Internship Certificate and also a Letter of recommendation. Let’s start with it.

What types of internships are available to freshers/students?

Because you are just getting started in the internship industry, allow us to explain the various types of internships you could apply for and their distinctions.

  1. Paid Internships: The freedom and workload of paid internships are essentially what set them apart from unpaid internships. To begin with, the business will regard you as an employee and demand that you create work that is valuable to them to receive payment.
  2. Unpaid Internship: For many students, an unpaid internship is a terrific method to get experience without any pressure. You won't receive a stipend or pay after completing an unpaid internship, as the term implies. These internships have advantages and disadvantages.
  3. Part-Time Internship: Part-Time Internships imply that you won't be available full-time while working at a company. We believe that a part-time internship is the best sort of employment for students because it allows them to continue their education while working to advance their career opportunities.
  4. Full-Time Internship: For this form of internship, you must visit the office while they search for applicants who can do so, and you must put your entire effort into the work. You may also be eligible for a stipend and reimbursement. It's just like any other employment, with the exception that it's a full-time internship that could lead to a tenure rather than a position that lasts for years.
  5. Remote Internship: A remote or virtual internship allows you to work online from the convenience of your home. It's most likely one of the few risk-free ways for you to obtain exposure in 2020. Nonetheless, a virtual internship had several advantages even before the pandemic. There is an ample number of free job portals from where you can find the best remote internships.
  6. Office Internship: The In-Office Internship resembles a full-time internship in many ways. You, as a student, are required to complete this type of internship during the entire working hour and put up the effort to both understand and provide outputs. It is preferable to complete these kinds of internships over the summer or during extended breaks when you won't have to miss any classes but can still be productive.

Why an is Internship a necessity today?

Before entering the corporate world, many of your seniors or even your mentors would advise you to complete at least one internship for the simple reason that doing so will allow you to learn a lot that would otherwise be impossible. When you have the experience of an internship, you will be able to manage and be better than the competition in this competitive market. In college, all you learn is theoretical, but the real world operates on practicality. There are undoubtedly more advantages! Let's look at them now.

  1. To Create an impressive Resume: To Land an Interview, One Has to Have a Very Attractive resume, With Great Work Experience To land the job of your dreams, one needs to land interviews with the HR staff of the company. Even entry-level jobs now require some prior industry knowledge. The easiest approach for students to add relevant experience to their resumes is through internships. After earning the necessary experience, students cannot only identify the responsibilities and tasks they have completed but also honestly and precisely describe them to interviewers. It enhances the likelihood that students will land a full-time position since it persuades potential employers that they can benefit their business by demonstrating that they have made the most of their time learning and developing abilities.
  2. Create a network of Professionals: Internships are crucial because they give new graduates the chance to network with influential people in the field. It creates a platform for students to interact with others, learn from those who are working and succeeding in their careers, and get knowledge from them. Students who maintain a positive reputation with their contacts may benefit from gaining a reference or recommendation for further study or employment. A professional connection is also crucial because it can be useful in the future for collaborations or job changes: Work with and learn from seasoned experts. A mentor during an internship helps them with real-time practical exposure to the work setting and guides them through it daily, while teachers and professors prepare the students with theoretical information. These relationships between mentors and mentees benefit both parties' professional development. This makes it possible for the students to get feedback every day and ask for advice and assistance whenever and wherever they need it. In addition to assisting them in navigating their professional routes, this relationship that students have during internships lasts long after they begin working elsewhere on a full-time basis. 
  3. Learn as you Grow: There's no denying that internships aid students' professional and personal development. Many internships completed while in school enable students to make well-informed decisions on the division and business they want to work for and assist them to avoid taking unsuitable jobs. It aids pupils in discovering talents and strengths they may have previously been unaware of. Because mentors are there to guide you through every step, internships give students the chance to learn from their mistakes. The key to a successful career is internships; when you enter the field as an intern, you are just a fresher, but when you leave, you are a trained professional with both a theoretical and practical understanding of the industry you wish to make your career opportunity in. This also helps in securing an Internship Certificate and Recommendation Letter along with the exposure.

Thus, there are many advantages to participating in an internship, and we at Ediava always encourage our nation's young talents to participate in as much training and internship as they can because doing so will not only help them learn a lot about the industry they plan to enter but will also help them land better jobs.

Feel free to check out our website at which is a free job portal and also where some of the top recruiters go great distances to hire freshers like you if you require any type of internship. Have a fantastic day and always strive to be your best self!

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