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Edaiva is the new name in the World of Possibilities. Our Team at Edaiva focuses on giving the right opportunity to the most eligible person. Simplifying the arduous task of finding the perfect job and then applying for it can be time consuming. Edaiva forms a common Platform for both Recruiters and Job seekers to venture into the world of Jobs without having to do much! What makes us different? We at Edaiva make it simple for everyone by giving the choice to Recruiters to conduct meetings over Edaiva itself and for the Job seekers the opportunity is that, they can schedule the meetings themselves, when they are absolutely prepared for the interview and ready to crack the job. They can also invite other friends and acquaintances on the Website for FREE! Welcome to the world of Opportunities at Edaiva!

Edaiva has More than just Job Offers! We help you throughout the Process of getting Selected!

This is India’s first Job Portal that thinks for both the Recruiter and the Job seeker, that’s why we don't keep anything a secret! The whole process is crystal clear.

  • Great Managing Team assisting you for 24*7
  • From seeking help to getting an Offer Letter all in one Portal.
  • Online Assistance for both the Recruiters and Interviewee in case of discrepancy.
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about edaiva jobs

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