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How to Write a Salary Negotiation Email

By Team Edaiva

Last Updated : May 19, 2023

How to Write a Salary Negotiation Email

You must be ecstatic to receive a job offer letter after working so hard for days for all kinds of jobs, going to interviews, and then passing them all. We do comprehend that since that is typical human behavior. To ensure that you are paid in a way that best suits your needs and skill set, you might want to bargain if the income you are offered as part of the job proposal is less than what you had anticipated. For this, all you have to do is write a professional email for a salary raise or a salary negotiation email. This blog will assist you in understanding how to negotiate for a higher salary with HR means and how to write a salary negotiation email. So, let us begin.

What is a Salary Negotiation Email?

An email sent by a job candidate or employee to an employer during a salary negotiation is intended to discuss and negotiate the remuneration package. When an employee asks for a rise, it usually happens after a job offer has been given or during a performance review procedure.

The sender makes their case for why they think they should be paid more or receive better perks in a pay negotiation email. It's an opportunity to showcase their credentials, accomplishments, and the value they add to the company. The email may include specifics like market research on pay for comparable roles, the recipients' special abilities or experiences, and their contributions to the success of the business.

What should a salary negotiation Email contain?

  1. Write the Full name and designation of the HR Manager or the Interviewer: In the introduction of the email with a formal salutation and a statement of gratitude for the job offer or acknowledging the chance to talk about remuneration. Never make any mistake in name spelling or designation.
  2. Make the subject Line Clear: When you are writing a professional email like this make sure that the subject line is clear and that it shows the reason why you have drafted the mail.
  3. Show Appreciation: When writing the email, make sure that you show appreciation for the job offer that you have received. Try to bring clarity about the fact that you are extremely excited to be a part of the company.
  4. Express your Expectations: In the second paragraph briefly describe the amount of hike you want or the kind of salary in a range and with that do not forget to mention why you are looking for such a salary. Try to use market examples and never be rude.
  5. Have a nice Closing Paragraph: In the closing paragraph make the person reading your email know that you are extremely happy to be a part of the company and would be grateful if they revise your salary structure. Give a proper signature at the end of the mail and dont forget to give in your contact number.

How Do You Write a Salary Negotiation Email?

When composing a Professional email of this type, there are a few pointers and tactics to bear in mind. The offer acceptance is crucial to the subject line.

  1. Embrace appreciation and gratitude: Express gratitude for the job offer or the chance to talk about your pay. Describe how excited you are about the possibility of joining the company or keeping up your contributions. Also, share words of greeting before directly jumping into the topic.
  2. Recap the specifics of the employment offer: The position title, the organisation where it will be held, the start date, and any other pertinent data should be reiterated. This guarantees clarity and demonstrates that you fully comprehend the offer.
  3. Highlight your past achievements: Be sure to highlight your accomplishments, past success, relevant experience, and talents that make you the best candidate for the position. Describe how your knowledge fits with the demands and objectives of the company. This demonstrates your value and supports your demand for raised pay.
  4. Present market research and industry benchmarks: In order to support your salary negotiation, provide evidence and research. To display the typical salary range for positions with similar responsibilities, refer to reliable sources or industry surveys. This supporting information improves your case for just recompense.
  5. Justify your request for a Salary raise: Explain why you believe you deserve a salary raise. Concentrate on your success history, outstanding performance, additional duties, or any special skills that make you stand out. Describe how your contributions have benefited past organisations and how they will help the current business.
  6. Indicate the appropriate range or salary: Declare your desired salary in detail or give a range depending on your study. Make sure your request reflects your skills and expertise and is in accordance with industry norms.
  7. Ensure that your tone is polite and appropriate: Strive to keep your tone polite and upbeat throughout the entire email. Avoid using language that is combative or violent. Instead, concentrate on the advantages of coming to a fair compromise.
  8. Reiterate your commitment and excitement: State your interest in the position and your enthusiasm for joining the organisation or continuing to participate. In order to emphasise the value you provide to the company, emphasise your commitment, loyalty, and dedication over a lengthy period of time.
  9. Request a meeting or additional conversation: Finish the email by recommending the following actions, such as setting up a meeting or phone conversation to further address the issue. Declare that you are interested in locating a win-win solution.
  10. Sign off in a formal manner: Include your name and contact details after a formal closing like "Sincerely" or "Best regards" in the email.

A sample of how to write a Salary Negotiation Email

For your convenience, we have put together an example of Negotiate for a higher salary to HR, that will show you how to include the email in a specific format. So, here is a Professional email sample that you may carefully review before writing your own

Subject: Salary Negotiation Following Job Offer

Dear [Name of Hiring Manager],

I hope you are well and reading my email. I want to start off by saying how grateful I am for the [Position Title] employment offer from [Company Name]. I look forward to the possibility of joining your prestigious company and making a contribution to its further development.

I am impressed with the duties and the potential impact this function can have on [Company Name]'s growth after carefully reading the specifications of the job offer. I am confident in my capacity to provide great results because my qualifications and the job's criteria mesh flawlessly.

I have established that the typical compensation range for comparable roles in our business is [compensation Range] after completing extensive market research and contacting reliable industry sources, like [Source Name]. Given my [X years of experience/advanced skills/accomplishments], I feel that [Desired Salary Range] represents a fair and competitive remuneration package for me.

Throughout my work, I have repeatedly shown that I have a successful track record. In my prior position at [Previous Company], I [emphasize key contributions or achievements]. These successes led to [quantifiable results, like higher revenue or increased effectiveness]. I am sure that [Company Name] will benefit from my experience and accomplishments, which justifies a higher salary.

Even though I place a high emphasis on the financial component, I am aware of any potential restrictions and factors that might affect income. If my desired salary range cannot be met at this time, I am willing to look into other forms of pay, such as increased performance-based bonuses, stock options, or chances for professional advancement. I am open-minded and ready to talk about the best potential plan that jives with both my ambitions and the objectives of the business.

I want to express my excitement for the chance to help [Company Name] once more. I am confident that my abilities, knowledge, and commitment will enable me to significantly impact your team and contribute to the ongoing success of the business.

I would value the chance to talk about this more and look into the options for coming to a mutually agreeable decision. If you'd be open to a meeting or phone call whenever it would be convenient for you, just let me know.

Once more, I appreciate you taking a look at my application. I'm eager to hear your response and have the chance to talk further about the specifics of the payment.


(Your Name)

[Your Name and Address]


It is a very crucial subject that you should constantly make sure to fully cover. Looking for a salary raise and politely negotiating salary is what you should aim for. These were some of the smart ways to negotiate salary. Please visit our social media platforms and highlight the problems in the comments below if you liked our discussion and would want us to talk about them more. We will make an effort to respond to your questions about this and would like to discuss further topics, such as professional emails and more. Visit our website at Until then, keep happy and fit.

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