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How to find and apply for Internships in your field

By Team Edaiva

Last Updated : Feb 28, 2023

How to find and apply for Internships in your field

While you were in college, an internship was like a bigger game. Few people genuinely grasp your true query, which is where to obtain an internship, despite the majority of people extolling you about the benefits of internships and why you should do them. There can't possibly be another discussion on how crucial internships are to your professional development, yet you always seem to run into problems since you want to know how to obtain an internship quickly and easily. This blog is therefore created for all of our wandering souls who are interested in learning more about the application process and how to secure the ideal internship for themselves in better career development. The voyage has begun!

First and foremost, what are internships?

A trainee is a person who has agreed to work for a company for a given time limit and is not a full-time employee of that organization. The basic work of an intern is to know how the corporate world works, to get a lot of exposure, and learn things that are not theory-based and an add-on will always be to earn their first salaries.

Internships might be fully or partially compensated. Nonetheless, there are now more chances for paid internships than ever before. The duration of the engagement could be anywhere from a few weeks to two years. You'll nearly always receive compensation for longer internships. The payment could come in the form of a monthly salary, lodging, travel costs, and a food allowance.

A personal laptop or a paid gym membership could be further perks. Receiving a full-time job offer after completing an internship with a company is also not unusual. According to studies, employers enjoy hiring interns and using their internships to find new talent for their businesses.

What are the most effective strategies for landing an internship?

As there are so many internships available, there are also a lot of different approaches recruiters want you to take. As a result, we'll make an effort to provide you with some insight into the ones that are most well-liked and to which you are accustomed while looking for internships in your industry.

  1. Utilize online search engines to find internships: Various websites help people discover internships, like Internshala, Google Internships, and others. There is Edaiva, where we work to streamline the entire internship and job application process so that you can apply for internships and keep track of them more easily. You may now try adding your location to narrow down your search by typing in terms like "internships around me" or "internships in Delhi."
  2. Benefit from Social media: Be careful to follow the businesses you want to work for. Nowadays, the majority of firms update their social media pages with vacancy news and if they need new interns, and when their internship programs are starting. They find it a good medium to reach out to the maximum number of people without investing much. LinkedIn is a fantastic platform for networking and asking hiring managers if they have internship openings in their organizations. If they do, you can then apply directly through them.
  3. Regularly go through Job Boards: Job-related websites like Indeed, Edaiva, Glassdoor, and Monster are plentiful. On employment boards, you may discover incredible chances as well. Jobs are frequently posted on company websites and job boards, so if you check them frequently, you never know when you might find one.
  4. Attend Job fairs: You may be thinking that this is weird and out-of-date. That's why the majority of graduates steer clear of them, and you'll stand out if you don't. Arrive at this industry event later to meet recruiting managers for longer.
  5. Learn how to Network: Most people believe that networking entails calling the friends of your dad. For a quick way to locate internships and strengthen your social skills, read up on informational interviews. Speak with your seniors, your mentors, and anyone else you notice is succeeding in their careers. There is a probability that you may interact more and receive additional application materials from them.

What should be considered before applying for an internship? How do you apply?

In regards to applying for an internship, there aren't many considerations you need to make. Yet, as you are aware, there are some things that you should keep in mind, therefore we have included a list below. Together, let's work through it!

  1. Personalize your Resume: You might not be aware of this if you are new to the internship scene, but you should create a very professional résumé for yourself. You can just apply for internships if you already have them or have achieved them. In the event that you do not, keep in mind to include all the essential information, such as your current degree, your current GPA, your prior test results, your hobbies, any training you have completed, any internships you have held, and a summary. Once your resume has been completed, give it a thorough review before keeping it on hand.
  2. Choose the appropriate website: If you are applying through links or networking and you have a certain company in mind, you don't need to worry about this. But, if you are looking for internships online, you should be very certain about the firm you are applying to. You should also avoid paying any kind of money to any company or disclosing highly personal information like a password or CV. You should choose a reliable website for this, consult your friends, read reviews, and only then proceed.
  3. Apply for the Role: After finding the position that interests you, there are various forms and applications that you must complete. Keep them all intact and fill them with patience. Don't provide any fake information because doing so could cause you more trouble in the future. Apply for as many internships as you like while providing all information in the most reliable manner possible.
  4. Sit for Interviews: Every company has a different version of this stage. To find out whether an in-person, online, telephone, or chat interview is preferred, you must speak with your recruiter. Several businesses have different methods of doing it. Make sure you speak and convey to the interviewer that you are there to learn, even if you have no prior experience with internships.
  5. Request an offer letter: The most crucial action to take before beginning any internship is this. The recruiter provides you with an offer letter outlining the tenure, pay, and daily responsibilities. Half of your work is completed if the recruiter provides this without your asking; however, if they do not, you must always request it before beginning work.
  6. Certificates: Never forget to obtain your internship certificate once your internship is complete. Don't pass up the opportunity since it will look great on your resume. Get it from your manager, and if at all possible, request a letter of recommendation as well. You will benefit from this for both your future internships and careers.

We have now concluded this blog. We hope that we were able to adequately address all of your concerns and that you now have a better understanding of internships and the application process. Start writing your resume and cover letters for internships if you are a beginner. When we say that we at Edaiva would love to help you more, what we mean is that you may find plenty of internships in many sectors on our website You can browse them and apply for the ones you want. During internships with us, you can gain a lot of practical experience. Be content and keep grinning until we meet again.

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