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How to find and apply for International Internships

By Team Edaiva

Last Updated : May 22, 2023

How to find and apply for International Internships

These days, internships are increasingly common, and many professionals and employers view them as a way to advance your career. If you have an international internship then you will have even more advantages to highlight on your Resume. You greatly benefit from internships in terms of gaining experience and determining your career goals. Also, internships aid in the development of a variety of abilities that are highly useful in the workplace. Nevertheless, the issue is that it's become much more difficult to find an internship in today's market. The quantity of opportunities is decreasing while the competition is increasing. Activate the global internships! While learning about a new nation, an international internship can provide you with a competitive edge over your contemporaries. We'll talk about how to find and apply for International Internships in this blog.

Why should you choose an International Internship?

Why would you choose an internship that has a visa requirement and requires you to study abroad when there are plenty of other opportunities accessible in the nation? We've included a few advantages of taking an international internship for your career and more extraordinary work experience in the list below.

  1. Sets you out of your Comfort Zone: Taking on an overseas internship will force you to step outside of your comfort zone because you will be exposed to viewpoints, communication styles, and cultural immersion that may not be at all like your own. This may intensify your internship experience while also exposing you to the numerous issues and business trends faced by businesses around the globe. Your perspective will be expanded, and your internship will become as fascinating as a brand-new experience, maybe placing you one step ahead of your peers.
  2. Enhances your worldwide standards: You should consider your professional development and how you may present yourself as a professional with a worldwide reach when selecting a potential foreign internship. This will also enable you to secure International jobs.
  3. Aids in Global Networking: Simply by working and attending school in your native country, you have built a sizable network of peers, mentors, and professors who share your interests. By doing a foreign internship, you can establish a good network with your foreign coworkers and specialists that you can contact later on.
  4. You become acclimated to diverse cultures: Whether you decide to do abroad work or take on an international internship, you will have the opportunity to make friends with many people from various social classes, religious beliefs, and nationalities. As a result, you get to interact with individuals from multiple cultural backgrounds, gain an understanding of them and become accustomed to them, all of which will ultimately help you get along with people from any country.

Different Types of Abroad Internships: Paid Vs Unpaid and More

Abroad internships aren't just of one type. Multiple types of internships are offered in terms of abroad work and also of multiple domains. Now, to understand what are the different types and how are they different, go through the below-mentioned points.

  1. Paid internships: These internships pay interns a salary in exchange for their work. The amount of the payment can change depending on the region, sector, company, and local labor rules. Paid internships abroad are frequently competitive, and interns are frequently required to adhere to certain duties and work schedules. This in many cases gives you an International job opportunity, so make sure to secure your chance.
  2. Unpaid internships: During unpaid internships, interns are not paid for their effort. Instead, they emphasized delivering worthwhile learning opportunities, skill advancement, and exposure to a particular sector or field. Unpaid internships may come with perks including stipends for living costs, lodging, meals, transportation, or academic credit.
  3. Stipend-Based Internships: Stipend-based internships provide a certain sum of money for living expenses or other internship-related costs. The location, duration, industry, and organization are only a few examples of the variables that might have a big impact on the stipend amount. Stipends may be given monthly or occasionally.
  4. Scholarships and Grants: To assist interns financially, certain foreign internship programs may provide scholarships or grants. These scholarships can assist with paying for a variety of costs, such as travel, lodging, food, or program fees. Scholarships and grants may have strict eligibility requirements and are frequently competitive.
  5. Partially Funded Internships: In partially funded internships, both the intern and the sponsoring organization contribute financially. While the organization contributes financially to some components of the internship, such as travel and lodging, the intern is still liable for other costs.
  6. Self-Funded Internships: In self-funded internships, the intern is responsible for covering all associated expenditures, such as travel, lodging, meals, and other expenses. Self-funded internships are frequently chosen by interns for particular learning or career development possibilities or when they are unable to get other forms of financial help.

How can you successfully apply for an international internship?

There isn't a right or wrong way to do things. However Ediava would appreciate your advice on the best course of action, therefore we have several recommendations for you.

  • Make the most promising resume ever: Create the most enticing CV ever by taking the time to polish it before applying for an internship. Keep resumes brief and make an effort to make them simple to read. To get feedback and a second set of eyes to look for mistakes, ask a mentor or teacher to read it through. The skills and information you gain from studying abroad will help you stand out from the competition if you intend to complete foreign internships. These are abilities that can only be learned via practical application; they are crucial to completing your overseas internship successfully. But, if it's not done correctly on the CV, it's simple for this specific type of experience to be overlooked. When including study abroad on your resume, take into account the following advice to improve your chances of getting the interview to complete an overseas internship: 
  • Be sure to mention any new languages you have acquired. 
  • Add any global nonprofits you have run or joined.
  • Showcase the abilities you developed while doing your abroad work, both inside and outside of the classroom.

  • Narrow down your search: After you are confident that your resume will be chosen, you must create numerous spreadsheets and begin looking for chances. Do you specifically have a company or city in mind, first of all? If so, choose that company or focus your search only on that city. It's preferable to cast a wide net and look for opportunities connected to your studies unless your choice of nation is closely related to your professional objectives. The main thing here is to find the Best websites to find internships/jobs abroad. You never know what unforeseen options might present themselves that you hadn't initially considered. Allow for changing expectations and be aware of how the application process operates. After conducting your search, you need to have a limited number of possibilities that offer to advance your career like an International job opportunity while simultaneously exposing you to a new culture.

  • Fill out as many internship applications as you can: It's time to submit your applications once you've reduced your selections, determined what you can afford, and chosen which programs best meet your objectives. Make sure you have checked your resume, cover letter, and any other application materials for faults because now is not the time for blunders. Be patient as you wait for your application to be reviewed and try not to get discouraged if you don't hear anything back straight away. It can take time to find an internship, just like when looking for an International job.

  • Be prepared for new difficulties: Prioritizing the options you come across will be easier once you are clear on what you want from your internship. Keep your search for student employment programs as broad as you can then utilize your priorities to reduce the options. Nevertheless, you also don't want to ignore a chance just because it doesn't fit all of your requirements. Work-study opportunities may not be plentiful in your industry, so you may need to make concessions. You might discover an internship in your subject of study in a nation you had not previously considered, for instance. Similarly to that, you can come across an unpaid work-study program that satisfies all of your requirements. Determine whether the restrictions on the chances you find are a deal-breaker or may be compromised using your priorities. Consequently, you can have the chance to discover a new culture and history through an internship in a nation you had not previously considered. Even better, if the nation is close to the destination of your choosing, you can use your free time to visit other locations that interest you. Hence, be prepared to accept and joyfully meet these obstacles.

Foreign internships are no less than a government employment interview. Yet just as there are numerous applicants for these positions, there are opportunities for you to be chosen for an overseas internship. All you have to do is be ready for the interview, have a stellar CV and cover letter, maintain your academic standing, and always believe in yourself, and the rest will take care of itself. To get Jobs/internships outside India, you need to know the nerve of how things happen and what steps to follow. Team Edaiva signs off from another blog that we think might have helped you, find more amazing blogs do visit

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