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How to be Productive and Successful while Working from Home

By Team Edaiva

Last Updated : Jul 15, 2023

How to be Productive and Successful while Working from Home

Being effective while working is undoubtedly a complete game. If you're a working professional, you might experience the same. Working all day long while remaining productive is the actual challenge; working from home or in the office is not it. However because so many mentors and successful individuals claim that productivity is the ladder to success, it is advantageous for everyone to stop delaying and be effective when working. To solve this problem, Edaiva has provided you with some advice in this article that will help you stay productive while working from home. then read on below!

Why is Productivity at work important?

 You may not realize how many advantages productivity has. It benefits you in the long term in addition to your employer. These are a few advantages of working productively.

  • More efficient use of resources leads to higher production Volumes and lower production costs.
  • Shortened time to market, improved quality assurance
  • Lower overhead expenses
  • Greater rewards for stakeholders
  • Increasing per capita income
  • Helps a business in attaining maximum profit and growth

What does "Productivity Management" mean?

Productivity management is a system or framework inside an organization that assists both individuals and teams in increasing productivity. Productivity refers to a company's or its workers' ability to efficiently turn inputs like labor and capital into outputs like goods or services. Setting up different goals, giving rewards, developing new opportunities, and using motivation techniques are a few of the many tactics that are used by managers to inculcate productivity within employees. 

The business benefits from this productivity are maximized, either directly through increased productivity and quality or indirectly by keeping the best individuals on staff, upskilling them, and giving them more responsibility.

Teams with effective management are more productive. On the other hand, ineffective productivity management may be one of the main causes of subpar employee engagement and performance.

Ways for staying productive when performing WFH

While working from home, there are a lot of considerations to make. Making a dedicated workspace is the first and most important thing you should accomplish since it is your home's environment. While working, avoid sitting down or watching television or other shows because doing so will reduce your productivity and compromise the caliber of your job. Set a time limit for yourself to work, and when you are working, make sure you are 100% focused. You can use the following advice when you work from home.

  1. Create a home office with few distractions: Create a space for your home office as the first rule. It's imperative to have a designated space, whether it's a corner of your living room or a guest room converted into an office, to serve as your home office, as many remote workers and professionals who work from home will tell you. Your home office should be a place of tranquility, productivity, and harmony. Go no further than our home office guide, where we offer a list of suggestions and accessories that will make your home office inspiring if you need ideas for increasing productivity.
  2. Make sure your lighting arrangement inspires you: We concur with researchers who claim that light affects productivity. Lighten up if working in the dark makes you feel lethargic! Maybe you need a simple desk lamp or some fairy lights if working in strong light makes you feel exhausted. You can make your workstation appear bright so that you feel inspired to work tirelessly anytime you are there. There are many lighting options available in the market that are designed for remote works, they help you concentrate better and makes you in being more productive throughout your tenure of work for the day.
  3. Take deliberate breaks: Working from home might make it so simple to become distracted that you neglect to take breaks at all. Let yourself take five minutes to unwind without letting the guilt of working in the building you sleep in get in the way. Use your breaks to leave your desk, though, rather than merely opening YouTube and watching some comforting videos. Take a stroll, take in the scenery, or interact with family or friends who may also be at home.
  4. Inform your loved ones, close friends, and neighbors politely that you won't be available: This is more of a thing to do than an idea. Inform your loved ones, roommates, friends, neighbors, and/or family members that you won't be available for a particular period while at work. Be kind so as not to turn anyone away from visits or social interactions, but make clear that work time is for work and that you're trying to figure out how to be productive at home. Anybody can comprehend that. Be specific about when you'll be finished with work, though! The start of social time is at that point. This should give you some ideas on how to make working from home enjoyable for everyone else.
  5. Choose a precise finish time: You could believe that working from home creates a better work-life balance, but you should exercise caution in making that judgment. Working from home can similarly resemble going to a casino because it's easy to become completely engrossed in your task while enjoying comfortable surroundings. Make sure you have a clear conversation with your employer about the last hour they can expect to find you online for work-related matters and the fact that after that hour you won't be available for any work at all, even if it's extremely urgent or can wait. You should never stay past your finishing time, and you shouldn't arrive late to work simply because you're working from home. You'll be able to work the hours you're compensated for and have a better work-life balance as a result.
  6. Leave your phone(s) charging in another room or put them away: We work best when our phone is out of reach. Perhaps it is similar for you, too. If you want to be more productive when working from home, try hiding your phone for a few hours each day or leaving it in a different room all day. You can always return to it in the future! You can respond that you must answer calls, in which case our options are available to you. Today's technology has grown to a new level, so if you need to be connected to WhatsApp to communicate with your coworkers or clients, you can use WhatsApp Web. You can even make calls from your workstation or laptop without using your phone by using Skype. Putting your phone aside can help you be more productive and will help you save a lot of valuable time.
  7. Timely eating and sleeping: What benefit of working from home is the greatest? For some, having full access to the kitchen is one of the major advantages. After taking a break, you'll naturally gravitate towards the kitchen to get some munchies. Many researchers say that an unhealthy lifestyle and a poor diet can deplete your energy and take away all your productivity to work better. You'll function better and benefit the most from my routine when you move to a healthier diet. Therefore when working from home, eat well. You must also adhere to a regular sleep pattern. Your favorite program binge-watching should be saved for the weekend. You may succeed at working from home if you eat the correct foods to keep your energy levels high and get enough sleep to rejuvenate your body and mind.


Both employees and employers may benefit from working from home, but there are also challenges and drawbacks. So, on a measurement wheel, you must assess which one applies to you the most and focus on that for increased productivity and a prosperous career. When it comes down to being productive and successful, there are a lot of myths that suggest that if you are working in a remote environment you might just ruin your career, but we say No! You won't ruin your career, today companies are choosing the remote mode of work for a particular reason and you need to highlight that. End of the day, what matters is the work and if you are learning something each day which you may do while working remotely or working in an in-office setup. So, following the points we have mentioned above you need to be confident and smart enough to utilize your time and benefit from the WFH condition at the same time be productive and call out success in your life. So, we hope this could help you in your progress.

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